PC: Sync Maya Prefs across multiple Computers

As someone who has to switch between multiple computers all the time, I have found it continuously annoying to manually sync my Maya preferences across all of them. To automate this on a Windows PC, we can use something called a symbolic link to connect the preferences folder to a cloud storage folder such as dropbox.

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How to create a DCP with OpenDCP

Update: Please check out my new website myonlinedcp.com. It is the most convenient way to create a DCP. Simply paste a link to your film into a text field and receive a download link to your DCP 48 hours later.


A "Digital Cinema Package" (DCP) is the modern standard of digital cinema projection. It has replaced 35mm film. The main advantages over other digital container formats are that a DCP looks exactly the same in any DCI licensed cinema across the world and can display all the colors the human eye is able to see.

To create a DCP of your film for free you can download the open source software OpenDCP and follow my guide below. Please read it carefully, since small errors in the process lead to bigger errors during the projection.

For further information read the OpenDCP FAQ and Documentation.

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Export ProRes Movs in OSX without FCP/Compressor

The Apple ProRes video codecs have become quite popular for a range of applications. They are being used during editing, as intermediate codecs, for archiving purposes and as festival screening copies. Their greatest feature (next to the great image quality with acceptable file sizes) is that you can turn off "Automatic Gamma Correction" in the encoder settings. This means that image contrast and saturation will not change. Whereas most Quicktime Codecs will change your gamma! You might have noticed that your movs look different depending which operating system and software video player you use.

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DNxHD: The free ProRes alternative on a PC and Mac

Currently there is no free and easy way to directly export a Quicktime with Apple ProRes on a Windows PC. Fortunately Avid offer their DNxHD Quicktime codec and others for free: http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/Compatibility/en263545

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Prevent Final Cut Pro 1888 x 1062 Pixel export issue

Through my work for a film festival I have been coming across many films with a size of 1888 x 1062 pixels. This can happen when exporting 1080p films out of Final Cut Pro. To prevent this use Compressor for exporting your videos. In the "Encoder" tab of the compressor settings turn off "Add clean aperture information".

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Gather off-screen windows on a PC

Borderline is a small freeware utility to move off screen windows back on screen. It has been saving me numerous times from headaches and wasted time. You can download it here: http://www.taenarum.com/software/Borderline.html

You don't need to install it. Simply double click the icon to move all windows back on screen.

Toggle "Wireframe on shaded" with a hotkey in Maya

Assign the following Mel command to ALT + y (or Command + y on a mac) in the Hotkey Editor (Windows - Settings / Preferences) to quickly switch between shaded and wireframe on shaded view during modeling.

string $current_viewport = `getPanel -wf`;
modelEditor -edit -wireframeOnShaded (!`modelEditor -q -wireframeOnShaded $current_viewport`) $current_viewport;