PC: Sync Maya Prefs across multiple Computers

As someone who has to switch between multiple computers all the time, I have found it continuously annoying to manually sync my Maya preferences across all of them. To automate this on a Windows PC, we can use something called a symbolic link to connect the preferences folder to a cloud storage folder such as dropbox.

First find your user folder on your system drive in windows. Under "documents" you will see a folder called "maya". Your preferences are stored inside.

Next open your dropbox folder and move the "maya" folder into it. Now dropbox will take care of synchronizing your preferences folder across your computers.

But Maya will not see your preferences anymore. To fix this, type "cmd" into the search field of the windows start menu or go to C:\Windows\System32 and find the "cmd" application. Right click on it and choose "Run as Administrator".

In the command prompt window, type (in ONE line):

mklink /d "c:\users\your_username\documents\maya" "c:\users\your_username\dropbox\maya"

and press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Immediately a "maya" folder with a little arrow on the lower left corner will appear in your "documents" folder. Both "maya" folders, the one in your dropbox and the one in the "documents" folder, have the same content. If you make a change to one of them, it will be reflected in the other.

If you want to get rid of the connection you just established, simply delete the "maya" folder from your "documents" folder and move the original one from your dropbox back into the "documents" folder.