PC: Sync Maya Prefs across multiple Computers

As someone who has to switch between multiple computers all the time, I have found it continuously annoying to manually sync my Maya preferences across all of them. To automate this on a Windows PC, we can use something called a symbolic link to connect the preferences folder to a cloud storage folder such as dropbox.

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Toggle "Wireframe on shaded" with a hotkey in Maya

Assign the following Mel command to ALT + y (or Command + y on a mac) in the Hotkey Editor (Windows - Settings / Preferences) to quickly switch between shaded and wireframe on shaded view during modeling.

string $current_viewport = `getPanel -wf`;
modelEditor -edit -wireframeOnShaded (!`modelEditor -q -wireframeOnShaded $current_viewport`) $current_viewport;

Toggle "X-Ray" shading with a hotkey in Maya

I find this to be the single most useful command during modeling. Very nice to select backfacing components or move components on the inside of the mouth, nose, eyes etc. But one can only turn x-ray on and off by pushing a menu button above the viewport, which is annoying considering how often I need it. Go to Windows - Settings / Preferences - Hotkey Editor and assign the following Mel command to ALT + x (or Command + x on a mac) to speed up your modeling workflow.

string $current_viewport = `getPanel -wf`;
modelEditor -edit -xray (!`modelEditor -q -xray $current_viewport`) $current_viewport;