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George grows

George grows Filminfo

Little George is just one year old when he suffers the shock of his life.


2. Place Student Animation, GoEast, Wiesbaden 07
Best Film Age 21-25, Youth Media Festival Berlin 07
Producers Jury Award Age 21-25,Youth MF Berlin 07
Best int. short 1 to 4 min, Casertanimata, Italy 07
Best int. artistic video, CGI Conference Brazil 07
Runner-up in the New-Category, Stamford UK 07
Winner of the day, Shorts at moonlight, Frankfurt 07
Time Code Award, No Words, Bolzano Film Festival 07
Short Film of the month Dec, FBW, Wiesbaden 07
Animation Special Mention, Tirana Int. Film Fest 07
Medal, FilmVideo Montecatini, Italy 08
Special Jury Award, Seoul Youth Film Festival 08


Laconically and in an amusing, entertaining way, this film shows birth, maturity and death close together. The simplicity of its means and the concentrated form entertains in an impressive way. We wish to see more of the filmmakers work in the future.
(Youth Media Festival Berlin 2007)

A whole life in two minutes - reduced to the essence - without trappings, no words, just the sound of the human stride can be heard: slowly crawling, cautious and clumsy, lively and fleet-footed, brisk and powerful then again slow and cumbersome. A beautiful cycle wonderfully created as a 3D-Animation with perfect timing.
(Board of Film classification Wiesbaden)

The circle of life is a popular theme with animated shorts. Martin Schmidt's CG student film popped up online last year and walked out from the crowd of toons with the same theme. For all intents and purposes, it's a walk cycle against a white backdrop. However, Schmidt makes the stride of the character stand for much more. As a baby crawls along, he begins to walk, and over the course of the story subtly morphs into an old man. The timing is crucial. The filmmaker allows the jokes to set themselves up slowly when needed, but then pops in a quick gag that is unexpected. None of the gags are arbitrary; they always connect nicely back to the toon's universal theme of aging.
( - Web Toons you need to see in 2008)

Festival Screenings

March 07
GoEast Film Festival, Germany, Student Competition

April 07
2nd Cyprus Int. Film Festival, Animation Competition
Cortoons, Italy, Short Film Competition 1 to 4 Minutes
East End Film Festival London, International Competition
Sehsuechte, Germany, Int. Student Animation Competition

May 07
Youth Media Festival Berlin, Int. Competition Age 21-25
11th Seoul Int. Cartoon and Animation Festival, Korea
Casertanimata, Italy, International Competition
Film Festival Zlin, Czech Republic, Competition of Animated Films for Children and Youth

June 07
Asterfest, Strumica, Macedonia, International Competition
CGI Computer Graphics Int. Conference, Petropolis, Brazil
Kratkofil Int. Short Film Festival, Bosnia Herzegovina
Durban Int. Film Festival, South Africa, Int. Competition

July 07
Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, Brazil, International Short Film Competition
Cinema da mare, Italy, International Competition
Shorts at Moonlight, Germany, National Competition
Ohne Kohle, Vienna, Austria, International Competition
Stamford Short Film Festival, UK, Int. Competition

August 07
Portable Film Festival, Australia, Int. Competition

September 07
Short Film Festival Detmold, Germany, Int. Competition
Animadrid, Spain, Int. Short Films by Animation Schools
Eksjo Animation Festival, Sweden, European Short Films
Magma Festival, Italy, Giro Giro Corto Program
Milano Film Festival, Italy, Maratona Animazione
Contravision, Berlin, Germany, International Competition

October 07
Marbella Int. Film Festival, Spain, Int. Competition
Filmfestival Muenster, Short Film Competition
Filmfest Osnabrueck, Germany, Short Film Competition
International Dok-Festival Leipzig, Germany
Unimovie, Italy, International Competition
Curtocircuito, Spain, International Competition
Int. Childrens Film Festival Schlingel, Germany, International Animation Competition
Animation Film Festival Potenza, Italy,
International Competition from 1 to 4 minutes
Cinekid Childrens Festival, Netherlands, Screening Club
Corona Cork Film Festival, Ireland, Late Great Shorts
Design Event DE07, Newcastle, United Kingdom,
Cinefeel Special Curated Film Program

November 07
Encounters, UK, Cosgrove Hall Childrens Award
The Golden Elephant, India, Special Screening
Exground Filmfest, Germany, On-Video Competition
Int. Filmschool Festival Munich, Germany
Fike 2007, Portugal...International Competition
Bolzano Opere Nuove - No Words, Italy, Time Code
L'Alternativa, Barcelona, Spain, Hall Screen
Up and Coming, Germany, Short Film Competition
DOK Festival Kassel, Germany, Golden Hercules
Cortopotere Short Film Festival, Italy, Int. Competition
Formula Mundi, Germany, International Competition
Skena up, Kosovo, International Competition
Euroshorts, Poland, European Short Film Competition

December 07
Int. Film Festival Ofensiva, Poland, Int. Competition

April 08
Los Angeles United Film Festival, USA, Screening at the Fine Arts Theatre Beverly Hills
Indielisboa, Portugal, Indie Junior Program

May 08
Betting on Shorts, London, From Europe with Love

June 08
10th Festival of German Films, Madrid, Spain

July 08
Filmvideo Montecatini, Italy, International Competition

September 08
KROK, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Russia, Int. Competition
iShorts, Prague, Czech Republic